Business Law Committee

The purpose of the Business Law Committee is to address issues arising in general legislative proposals that have a direct effect on members of the profession and to liaise with government departments.

Chartered Accountants Ireland Committee Members

  • Siobhan Orsi (Chairperson)
  • Geraldine Barnwell

CCAB-I Reps.


  • Paul Dowling
  • Declan Geaney FCCA


  • Tony Manning FCMA
  • Michael Brady FCMA


  • Maureen Kelly CPA
  • Mark Gargan CPA

Other members

  • Salvador Nash

Insolvency Committee

The Insolvency Committee is a CCAB-I committee the objective which is to develop guidance for members engaged in insolvency work. The committee also addresses issues arising from developing legislation in ROI, NI and EU.

Chartered Accountants Ireland Committee Members

  • William O'Riordan (Chairman)
  • Jim Luby
  • Eamonn Richardson
  • Edward Walsh

CCAB-I Reps.


  • David Hughes FCCA
  • Michael McAteer FCCA
  • George Maloney FCCA


  • Cormac Mohan CPA
  • Brendan O’Donoghue CPA


  • Gerard Roche ACMA

Taxation Committee South

The Taxation Committee South, a CCAB-I committee, primarily engages with the Revenue Commissioners and the Department of Finance. Members of the committee participate on TALC (Tax Advisors Liaison Committee) along with other representative bodies. The Taxation Committee South makes written representations on key tax matters and responds to key tax consultations.

  • Paul Dillon (Chairman)
  • Julie Herlihy
  • Lorraine Smyth
  • Fergal Burke
  • Eoin O'Shea
  • Ray Kilty
  • Peter Vale
  • Mark Doyle
  • Caroline McGrath
  • Colin Smith
  • Sharon Burke
  • George Thompson
  • Brian Purcell
  • Enda Faughnan
  • Andrew Feighery
  • Liam Kenny
  • Gerry Higgins
  • Derek Henry
  • Kevin Elliot
  • Ken Garvey
  • Kevin McLoughlin

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